What is 'Boudoir' Photography?

Boudoir Photography is the art of taking an everyday woman and photographing her in a sensual and empowering way. It is a way of highlighting true femininity by stripping her down to her most beautiful, raw self.

I'm nervous! I've never been a model before...

It is entirely normal for people to be nervous before a photo shoot whether it is their 1st or 1,000th one. Just try to relax and have a good time! Most people report afterwards that the shoots were much more comfortable than they imagined.

If you want to feel extra prepared, try looking up boudoir photoshoots for ideas for posing that appeal to you!ThePerfectPose.com offers beautiful examples of classic boudoir poses.

Oh no. I had a breakout. How am I supposed to shoot now?!

Don't worry! While we want to show off your radiant natural beauty, we are all human and know that from time to time our skin might not be as perfect as we may wish for. A click of the mouse will clear up problem areas of the skin and nobody will know.

We also have an experienced professional makeup artist available to touch you up for your photo shoot.

I'm not very skinny... should I lose weight before booking a session?

You should come as you are, however you feel confident. You are beautiful the way that you are and it is our job to make you feel that way! Confidence is the most sexy thing of all and we will try to make you feel magazine-cover-confident even if your images are only going to be shared with a select few people.

P.S. A pair of heels can elongate the look of the legs and make you look even more lean! -we have shoes available as well in the studio.

What should I do before a boudoir photo shoot?

Relax. Have a cup of tea or a glass of wine. When you come to the studio it's smart to wear loose-fitting clothing to avoid red lines left by them. When I say 'have a glass of wine', though, I mean just one, and not if you're driving of course. Too much to drink and you'll be red in the face and with sleepy eyes. One glass should get you feeling fluid enough to pose naturally during the shoot!

Will other people see me in my panties when I'm around the studio?

There are house coats and garments which you can cover up with if you are shy of walking around the private studio while you are not shooting and there are private areas where you can change in. Don't fret- your comfort is our biggest concern!

Where do the photos go and who will see them?

It is entirely up to you. While I would love to show off our images, it is your call if you wish for the images to be only seen by you and the team creating them.

What should I bring to the shoot?

Bring any articles of clothing or props you wish to include in the shoot. While we do supply wardrobe including shoes, jewelry, and props, some people want to incorporate flowers or sentimental items such as jewelry and you are welcome to bring anything you wish.

In the Boudoir Photography Vancouver Studio we provide clothing from a number of high end distributors including Victoria Secret ,Agent Provocateur, Soiree by Agent Provocateur, Aritzia, Scarlet Boutique, Holt Renfrew and more...

Can my lover or friend come with me?

The studio can become distracting with too many people around. People tend to loosen up and be more confident than they even imagined when working one on one with the photographer.